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Mr. Sumner has published numerous articles on medical-malpractice litigation topics. The articles reflect his sophistication in medicine, particularly obstetrics, and his trial experience as a medical-malpractice lawyer. Some of the more notable articles appear in MEDICAL MALPRACTICE LAW & STRATEGY (Leader Publications; American Lawyer Media Inc.) The following articles were published in this specialty litigation journal:

  • “Proof of Brain Injury in the Obstetrical Malpractice Cases” (Jan. & Feb. 1989)
  • “Obstetrical Malpractice Glossary” – Issue Insert (Dec. 1986)
  • “Fetal Heart Monitoring” (Jul. & Aug. 1986)
  • “Screening Plaintiff Malpractice Cases” (May 1991)
  • “Deposing the Medical Expert” (Feb. 1987)
  • “How to Locate Credible Experts” (Jul. 1991)
  • “Apgar Scores in Infant Cases” (Jul. & Aug. 1986)
  • “Evaluating the Meconium Staining Case” (Dec. 1985)
  • “Chorionic Villus Sampling: Pro’s, Con’s and Alternatives” (May 1994)
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